"...Oh, see you not yon narrow road So thick beset with thorn and briars That is the path of righteousness Though after it but few enquire.

And see you not that broad, broad road That lies across that lily leven That is the path of wickedness Though some call it the road to Heaven.

And see you not that bonnie road That winds about the fernie brae That is the road to fair Elfland Where thou and I this night maun gae.

But Thomas, you must hold your tongue Whatever you may hear or see For if you speak word in Elfin land You'll ne'er get back to you ain country..."

Welcome to the Elven Kingdom of Ačrithačnč
This site is brought to you by King Rhysanus Ariquis.

Elven Kingdom of Ačrithačnč
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Ačrithačnč is an Elven Kingdom and part of the Otara roleplay group. Other Otara Kingdoms can be found on the Otara Realms website.This site is dedicated to all those elves out there in RP land and to the Artists that created all the beautiful Art that appears on this website. I would like to give a very special thank you to my wife Megan who has put up with me for far longer then I ever thought anyone could and for her ongoing contributions that without, this site would not be possible. Arčdthačl is a Dirivitive work based on many sources, including both AD&D and Palladium Fantasy. Our legal information can be viewed at this Link. Site Designed By: